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Finnly, the automated trading bot for everyday people.

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Chat Interface

One part chat bot, one part trading bot, Finnly is your guide and friend in the world of automated trading. Setting him up via his chat interface is easy, and Finnly is there to help you at every step of the way.

Simple Yet Effective Trading Stategies

Finnly uses trend based trading algorithms which are both easy to understand and effective methods for generating passive income.

Hi. I'm Finnly.

The automated trading bot for everyday people.

Ready to start learning about automated trading and earning passive income?


On which exchanges does Finnly work?

Initially Finnly will trade cryptocurrencies on Coinbase Pro. Soon after he will also start trading on Binance. In 2020, Finnly will be able to trade traditional assets like stocks and fiat currencies on Robinhood, Etoro and more.

How does Finnly get paid? Is he free?

Finnly takes a portion of the profit generated when he completes a profitable trade. So Finnly only makes money when you make money and Finnly only takes a portion of the profit from his trades, so the net cost of using him is alway zero.

When can I start using Finnly?

A pilot version of Finnly will release in Fall 2019. If you are intersted to try, please sign-up below.

Is Finnly a financial advisor?

Definitely not. Finnly is a bot. Finnly can only do what you tell him to do and trade what you have already decided invest in. He cannot recommend assets to trade or judge the risk to reward ratio of any specific asset. Investing is inherently risky, please do so with caution.

What type of trading strategies does Finnly use?

Finnly's initial trading strategies are a combination of price change triggers and SMA trend analysis. These strategies are easy to understand so the complete trading novice can use Finnly. But Finnly has more tricks up his sleeve. As you prove you can use the simple strategies well, you will be allowed access to more complex strategies.

What is the best way to use Finnly?

Finnly works best on assets which will grow in the long term but are volatile in the short term. Do your research and find an asset which you would like to invest in long term, regardless if you would use Finnly or not. Then let Finnly help you trade this asset. If you tune Finnly's parameters well to the short term volatility, you should make more profit than you would by simply holding the asset.

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